The PowerControl 7 can display and record following data series:


With PowerCoach you can directly download on Mac OS and Windows all series recorded with PowerControl 7.

And with PowerCoach you can display the recorded data in real time on the screen of your laptop or desktop.


PDF  Manual
Customized aluminum version of the SRM PowerControl 7
SRM PowerControl 7, aluminum housing, color of your choice. Laser engraving of your desired name, maximum 14 characters (with any font style from a common word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Outlook).


SRM PowerControl 7

Wireless data transmission based on ANT+ Sport protocol.

With this technology, the PowerControl 7 receives data wireless and digitally coded. The PowerControl 7 is therefore compatible with all wireless SRM powermeters and also with wireless heart rate, speed and cadence sensors based on ANT+Sport protocol.


Characteristics Polyamide Aluminum
Height: 66 mm
Width: 62 mm
Depth: 20 mm
Weight: 68 g 78 g
Material used: Fiberglass reinforced PA6 polyamide 6061 aluminum
Reception rate: 4x / second
Recording period: 0.5 - 5 seconds
Recording capacity: 130 h (with recording period of 1 second)
Data download: via integrated Mini-USB interface
Battery capacity: 120 h of recording (rechargeable)
Colors: Your choice Your choice


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