*Price without pedals and SRM System


SRM Indoor Trainer Electronic

With a SRM Indoor Trainer, and using just a minimum amount of time, you will train regularly and systematically despite ice, snow and darkness.

And with PowerCoach you can display the recorded data in real time on the screen of your laptop or desktop.

SRM Indoors with special flywheel, sophisticated magnetic brake and multiple gear hub to perfectly simulate all conditions to develop the wide range of cycling pedaling techniques (power range of magnetic brake between 40 and 2500 watt).

Materials used: Stainless, powder-coated and chrome steel, aluminum
Flywheel: GOBAT electronically controllable
Seat and handlebar position: Easily adjustable to any aerodynamic or upright position for people from 165 to 200 cm size.
Break: Controlled via USB cable or Bluetooth LE 4.0 with computer or
via app on smartphone or tablet
Braking power: 30 up to 1590 watts
Handlebar remote control: Manually increase or decreases resistance in 10 watt increments

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