SRM Ergometer: The gold standard for performance testing in sports science


SRM Ergometer with integrated SRM Training System SCIENCE: Measurement accuracy ±0.5 %
Crank length: Individually adjustable from 150 - 190 mm
Braking power: 20 up to 4200 watts
Q-Factor: 151 mm
Seat and handlebar position: Easily adjustable to any aerodynamic or upright position for people from 140 to 200 cm size.
Two operational programm modes: Isokenetic (constant CAD) and Hyperbolic (constant POW) modes
Torque analysis system: The SRM Ethernet Torque Analysis box gives you a complete graphical distribution of power during 360° of the pedal revolution to analyze the characteristic of different pedaling styles.
SRM Online option: Showing planned and actual real-time data on separate display screens for immediate rider feedback.
Large flywheel masses: Simulate kinetic energy and the sensation of cycling at high speeds realistically and which can be adjusted to the athlete's weight to allow the maximum simulation of real conditions.
Gearbox: The internal gears of the Rohloff hub give the SRM ErgoMeter years of maintenance free use.


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